Oregon is still burning too


Umpqua NF, Siskiyou-Rogue NF and State of Oregon fires had an active day.


Heard a California IMT might be going up there. Can’t confirm


Heard a socal team was activated then cancelled.


Chris Schulte’s Federal PNW Type1 team will take over the Taylor Fire tomorrow. Another Oregon State DOF team will handle rest of Garner Complex.


CA is on 2hr call for the nat’l rotation, wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get staged

Woops, looks they just changed the rotation and activated another team in the GB.


It’s not just the Type 1 teams, the Cali Type 2 teams go out of state often. Last year alone my team went to Montana and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.


Of course they do, I was just referencing the Nat’l Rotation list out of NICC for the Type 1 teams.


NWCC reporting they mobilized a T2 IMT to Canada