Passenger endorsement for crew captain


Anyone have information on obtaining a passenger endorsement to drive the Cal Fire crew buggies?
Can’t find much info on DMV. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Research Commercial Class A & Class B CDL in the DMV website. Believe you have to have a Commercial License in order to get the Passenger Endorsement

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I have the class A CDL already. For the passenger endorsement I have to test in a vehicle capable of holding 10 or more people from what I gathered on the DMV website… And someone with a the endorsement has to drive it to the DMV. So I guess a better question is where to rent the vehicle with a driver, or if anyone here has already gotten it, how did you go about getting that endorsement?

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I know of Calfire FC who have taken a Camp job.
1st they took all the written (including the one’s they already had)
2nd they scheduled a drive test for the DMV 30-60 days out.
3rd they used a crew bus from the camp they transferred into with an existing FC holding the endorsements and spent a day doing the drive test.
I know there are several Calfire employees that hold DMV certification and can administer the behind the wheel test. Who they are and where they work I do not know. Have heard “Rumors” that CTC in RRU can do the test. But nothing concrete that I could provide accurate information. Hope that helps


Also note DMV will usually require the Test Vehicle will be a manual 10 speed Transmission. When all of us at our camp did the Driving test we had to use our reserve unit which was manual. All of our nice automatics couldn’t be used.

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I got mine by taking a part time job with a transit bus company. They provided all the training and testing free, so free is good!

I already had a Class A - passenger endorsement gets you the big vans on up to tour buses. You need another endorsement in addition to passenger for school bus or transit(public) transport.

Just like a Class A or B, if you test in an automatic, your license will be restricted to you only driving automatics. Testing in a manual is good for both, ie no restrictions. Job only lasted for 3 months, but I got the endorsement out of it.

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