Passing of Bill Gabbert

Bill Gabbert from Fire Aviation and Wildfire Today has passed away.

My condolences to the Gabbert Family. Mr. Gabbert was very informative and provided much needed and researched topics in both publications. :pray:


certainly a loss to our community. I can’t count how many times I got important information from his websites hours or days before it arrived through “official” channels.


This is very sad for the Gabbert family, the fire service families and the American Public all of whom depended on the always reliable, always timely and always ethical Bill Gabbert. He tried to keep the wildland fire world honest with itself as difficult as that has been.

I depended on Bill’s insight to better understand what was happening and why it was happening.

RIP Bill Gabbert. We will never know or appreciate all you did until now when it may be too late.