Perm FS switching to CalFire question


Hello, if someone that has made the switch from a FS 26/0 to Calfire please message me as I have some questions.
Mainly, what will happen to my TSP? Will I get paid out my sick leave? What about the money for retirement that has been deducted from my paychecks (not my tsp contributions, strictly retirement)?
Tha is in advance


A couple things, but not all answers:

You can’t doing anything with your sick leave. It sits where its at. Annual leave will be cashed out. TSP is your choice. You can keep it where it’s at or you can get its transferred to a different system. I know people that have done both. I also know some people have cashed out their TSP, but then you incur taxes. Your federal retirement is where I’m not completely sure. I’ve heard of people calling ASC and cashing out your contributions.

Best thing to do is to call ASC and get the answers from the horses’ mouth ( our HR department). Sometimes station talk can be hearsay. TSP website has black and white , as well FERS website

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