Posting policies needed !!!!!


Recently a Strike Team was sent Immediate Need to an Incident. Within mere moments a complete list of resources on the assignment had been posted here. Some of the engines listed came from remote stations that were going to be empty for quite a while.

While it’s certainly not Top Secret info and can be had found by other means, please remember there are Federal Laws that cover what you do with into you receive via listening to a scanner.

It also my understanding there was recently a station burglarized and the suspect had this App open on his phone.

I’ve also heard that many people are not pleased with the ROSS info that’s getting posted on here.

If you have ROSS access, then you should understand access and use of it is for Official Use only. Every query of ROSS is just another load on an overworked system.

If you are on-duty and posting ROSS info on here, then you’re not focused on the job we are paying you for. If you are accessing ROSS off-duty, then you are violating multiple policies and abusing your User Rights.

Imagine how fast the system would crash if all of us who have ROSS access spent time on and off-duty running reports and perusing it for fun.

I implore the Adminstrators of this site to institute some policy and control on this issue immediately.


Got to chime in here, too.
The resource order posts are out of control! Read the Delta questions thread, almost no intel about the fire in the last 3 days. Please, please, please make a Bump Up and Cover thread and use it for any posts about strike team or other resource order chatter, and leave the incident threads for real intel.
And RedArmy makes a great point. Violating the user agreements of ROSS or any other federal site is a crime, no joke.