Pre Positioned Strike Teams?

Slight chance thunderstorms focused initially over Napa and Sonoma counties and later into interior portions of the East Bay.

Knowing what we know now, thanks to advancements in science and repetition of history. What is the trigger point? To pre position Strike Teams, whether it be for tactical considerations or political.

We have started the tactic of rolling power outages.

Is it beneficial to pre position strike teams or is it for political reasons to provide a false sense of proactive security?

I’ll conclude with this, fires are started due to manmade actions (deliberate, mechanical, accidental) and lightning. Our state has had a repetition of wildfire disasters caused by lightning, lack of vegetation management, and extremely dry fuels. Let’s consider costly proactive measures vs. State of Emergency reactive measures that is difficult to put a price tag on, due to lives, property, business, communities, and history lost.


Gotta have resources to pre position, things are pretty thin right now


Sonoma County local gov is upstaffing at least 1 strike team or task force through the red flag event.


The entire state has been dealing with a staffing crisis and Covid burnout.

Consider how long it took to get resources to The Caldor incident.

It would be in the best interest of California to adjust our pro activity.


Consider there was a mega fire already going nearby, and many fires going in western states. That is why resources were slow to get to Caldor.


I don’t know what else is being sent but a BDU dozer trike team is headed to LNU right now

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It’s also worth noting that thunderstorm forecasting is notoriously difficult in CA. It may appear that the north bay will be the target, but hit XYZ location instead. It’s difficult to say exactly where the highest impact will be.

Yep… right now looks like it’s the east Sierra and north Sequoia getting hit. Well and the top of the Grapevine