Prescribed burns on no burn days.

I just curious if agencies are getting exemptions now because we’ve had no hazard reduction burning allowed for the last few days because SCE continued ignitions on it’s burn and sierra national forest just lit more piles on the Jose basin south site prep burn.

If you mean a CalFire designated NBD, the USFS is not restricted by it…maybe iffy optics, but hey constitutional hierarchy exists for a reason. If its an AQMD designated no burn day, Forests work with their local AQMD’s to find agreeable exemption criteria. Much credit to local air districts to work with their partners to ensure important prescribed burning continues to get done.


It’s aqmd no burn days and I am glad to see our aqm district is being more reasonable this year.

DZ CF does not determine Burn Dat status. That is all

Are you sure, I remember Calfire doing short term burn suspensions during a few late November wind events here.

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So far as I am aware, and I am always subject to be rightfully corrected, there are two elements: 1.) CF has the ability to place temporary burning suspensions based upon weather and fire danger criteria; 2.) The local AQMD has control of the Burn Day criteria which is largely based upon the AQ projections for that particular day or time period.


Don’t confuse suspending burning with No Burn Days

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CF does “no burn days by proclamation.” That’s why I explained the two different ways and sought clarification from the OP.

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If Cal Fire suspends burning, it only effects SRA. Air Quality Control Boards designate Burn Day/No Burn Days and that designation effects all burning within the geographical boundaries of the “Air Basin”. Two different agencies with different authorities and responsibilities. There can be No Burn Days during Cal Fire declared “Open Burning” or there can be Burn Days when Cal Fire has suspended burning in the SRA. Please don’t confuse No burns Days with a suspension of burning.

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Cal fire can contact the APQD and request that they declare it be a no burn day for the entire air district, not just SRA. I have had that happen in Siskiyou county. When I called to ask why it was a no burn day I was told, “Cal Fire requested it due to predicted winds”. I filled out an exemption form just for documentation and went ahead with my USFS burn


This question was kind of relating to both and sierra national forest worked it out with the air pollution control district reducing their burn from the planned 160 acres to 30 acres. SCE and Calfire have been doing good work on the dinkey/Oso burn also at 40 acres a day.

Thank you the responses everyone, you guys gave more knowledge on this subject and I was able to pass it on to my neighbors. They are glad to see what is being done in Jose basin.


I think this has already been said but here is a quick run down on sjvapcd burn status. There are three status categories off the top of my head:

  1. Residential Burn Day. This declaration is for homeowners/small landowner etc. using Calfire residential burn permit or at times when permit is not required(almost never in fresno county). Generally <10ac.
  2. Land Manager Burn Day. This declaration is for large emitters such as orchards or timberland managers. Projects over 10 ac. need to have an approved smoke management plan with the air district. Land managers are sent a declaration by email everyday for that burn status.
  3. Approved ignitions under a smoke management plan. This is for projects burning under LE-7 or LE-8 permit process, large pile burns, broadcast burning etc. Allocations are given on a case by case basis.
    SJVAPCD does use PFIRS for tracking and submitting permits so you can find active projects there.
    This is a really brief summary off the top of my head - not guaranteeing the accuracy of the details. My point is that all these declarations work independently of eachother- so you might not be able to burn needles at home while the folks next door are dripping 1000 acres - or vice versa.