Private Dozer


I have been trying to do some research on contracting a Dozer in this region. I was wanting some info on fire fighting tactics. I see that there is very little utilization of dozers in most of the fires that I can get any info on. Could someone shed some light on this for me. Is it shortage of resources or a environmental thing. I see pictures of hand line in easy country all the time. A Dozer could fly through a lot of this country. I saw a picture of a excavator cuting fire line today in grassy lightly wooded country. We had a fire on our grazing land last year in South eastern Idaho. The fire was 60 some thousand acres and had like 4 dozers on it.? I’m sure there’s some reason just wondering why. I contract in California right now. There Dozer crazy here. They don’t call a fire contained until it has line around it and is black to the line for the most part. They do spend a huge amount of money on these fires. The amount they spend on AirPower is staggering. AirPower and Dozer line with hand crew shoring up what the Dozer can’t do is the plan generally. Just curious on how your area does it.