R5 Fire Fleet Reduction


R5 Fire BOD has approved significant reductions in fire fleet. This letter below outlines the reduction process. Instead of finding solutions after evaluating the health of the budget when FY18 is completed, they choose to cut. Major cuts to ST vehicles and engine utilities. I will attempt to bring in the approved region-wide ratios outlining the cuts.

"In efforts to have a more disciplined budget structure, the Fire & Aviation Management (FAM) Budget Allocation Committee helped develop a standard for fleet, similar to the Standard Fire and Aviation Management Organization (SFAMO) for personnel. The objective is to have consistent fleet configuration across the region for like fire resources. This standard will allow for increased transparency in the fire program through demonstrating a direct correlation of the fleet and personnel resources in accomplishing the Wildland Fire Preparedness mission. The new standards outlined in the attached enclosure were approved at the Fire/Line meeting.

Units will begin to implement reductions in FY2018 where possible immediately to reduce fixed costs. FAM regional office and Fleet staff will develop a plan for long-term implementation during the remainder of the year. Execution of the plan will begin in FY2019 with complete implementation by FY2020 for a steady state level of vehicles thereafter.

Additionally, a number of forests have been reporting extensive time delays in FAM fleet maintenance and repair activities. These delays are having significant impacts on our ability to respond effectively to wildfires. As such, a number of supplemental fleet vehicles have been authorized for the near term. Separate efforts are underway between Fleet, AQM, and FAM-RLOT to address the maintenance/repair delays. A comprehensive solution will be developed to reduce the downtime of FAM fleet vehicles. In future years as fleet downtime is reduced, the supplemental fleet will be reviewed for further reduction."


Regional Forester signed the r5 fleet fire standards. About 150 utilities and other vehicles used by IHCs are now on the cutting block.


Working on getting fire equipment out of the shop in a timely matter is a huge step forward, too bad they are cutting important vehicles at the same time… doesn’t make much sense, If anything there was a shortage of vehicles when I worked for the FS. I hope rentals are cheaper…


Some forests have started turning in fire vehicles, others are in the planning stages.

We’re working on gathering information on the effects of the reduction. Looking to see if all forests are reducing vehicles as directed or if some are ignoring the direction. Wondering if some forests are
moving vehicles over to other programs to to hide them but continue to use them.

How has or how will the reduction effect intial attack, large fire mobs, incident costs and your daily duties.

Information will be provided to regional and WO line officers. House and Senate members.

Any information would be appreciated.