References to fire types?


I’m seeing references to, I guess I would call them fire types, that seem to refer to lay of the land, maybe access, structures, fuel type - that sort of thing, that I don’t recognize. I’ve seen references to “Alpha friendly,” Type 2, Type 3, etc. Every search I do comes up with fire extinguishers. Don’t need that. And don’t need the size classifications. Or engine types, aircraft . . .



They are referring to what Type of Engine is best suited for that area. Alphas are Type I or “city” type engines. Type 2 or Bravo are smaller Type 1 Engines that may work better in an area of small roads, and Type 3 or Charlie are your CALFIRE or USFS engines. Hope that helps

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Oh, is that all? The alphabetical designations are new to me. The numbered types? Ah, no.
My first engine was a LFO Class 2. Let’s see who can decode that!

And now I get the connection with the Firescope / MACS system.

Thank you!