Region 5 on fire VIPR contractors sitting at home


Does anyone know what going on with VIPR contracts in Region 5 ?
I have the 2016 water handling contract with 1 type 6 that’s 2 ENGB 2FFI 2FF2 and I dealt with constant paperwork problems with contracting officers the entire time and given the run around. When we did get dispatched we never had any issues And always had good evaluations.
We now have a type 3 and decided to put i a quote in VIPR for the 2019 more like 2020 water handling solicitation for region 5
I just received an email stating my company is not in compliance and my type 6 and type 3 will no longer be considered for award under this solicitation because the weights of the type 3 thats stamped into the door Frame appear to be too low
And they did approve of our RT-130

I’m just wondering if anyone else might of ran into the same thing?

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