RRU Reche file popup.


Me and a few other members keep getting a file download pop up when we go to the rru reche ia thread.


Same here. It’s a few of the threads. It’s concerning that it might be a virus.


Me three and no answer on it


Me four I got the same thing


same thing here


Yep keeps happening here as well.


Me to on My Iphone and iPad, but android phone is working ok.


I get the pop up message, but also, an autoplay audio file starts. It’s Deputy Mike Vasquez doing a live report about the evacuations… Don’t know why or how, but I get the audio automatically playing.


Yeah. Delete that reche posts.


Yes! Pop up very annoying!


Post that I believe was promoting the pop up deleted. Solved the problem on my browser. Can I get feedback to ensure it was successful for others.

Thank you


It is corrected for me. TY


No issues for me now, thanks modcamo!

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