San Diego Cnty Fire Authority (CFA)


Just beginning to research this agency and would like to dialogue w/others who might share a like interest. Would like to start by asking if anyone has a current/accurate roster of total # of sta’s. along w/the communities (or duty Sta. name) and sta. # if applicable.



They have stations listed under a menu option. Anything that says CAL FIRE is a state schedule B station.


Use to be a reserve with them in 2008 when it was first being presented to the county. If you have any question I might be able to help with a few. I


Thank you for the link. Found a roster that list sum 42 sta’s. 17 Cal Fire (should be 26) & 25 CFA (should be 37).



Thank you for the kind offer. Which duty sta. were you assigned? Some of my early research is as follows:

The 3 primary wild land agencies N the Cnty are Cal Fire, CFA, & CNF. I have a quick reference chart @ my desk 2 remind me of there resources.

26 Sta’s. for Cal Fire
37 Sta’s. for CFA
28 Sta’s for CNF
91 Sta’s for the 3 agencies W/many Njines, Brush, WT’s, Ptrl’s, Dzr’s, air assets & Sops apparatus.

Sources: LAFCO & BOS minutes for Cal Fire & CFA, Wildcad for CNF & many, many photos of sta’s. & apparatus.

My next goal is to try to create a current/accurate roster of ALL apparatus for both CFA & Cal Fire along w/division & battalion duty sta’s as well.

Some where I found an explanation for CFA’s numbering plan for apparatus.

Example: Eng. 7915

7 Agency
9 Battalion
1 Type
5 Sequence
None of the numbers have any relation to Sta’ #. 7915 is assigned to Sta 54 in Ocotillo Wells.

A couple of other interesting road blocks for me are:

DeluZ. Some of my notes show some 3 sta’s in that area w/1 ea. for Cal Fire & CFA & a 3rd stand alone sta. as volunteer. Yet I do not have specific addresses for any nor apparatus & ea.

Sta’s 26 (Donovan) & 38 (Otay) on Alta Rd. way out somewhere in the Cnty @ prison facilities. Have not located any photos or been able to confirm what little ddata I have.



So my assigned station was station 79 up on Palomar Mountain and Ranchita. When the program started we had Volunteer station staffed by SDCFA reserves. Ranging from Engineers to Firefighters and then each station was overseen by a CAL FIRE Career Captain. Rigs were tactical water tenders, Type 3 and Riverside Spec Type 1’s and a few medium and heavy rescues. Now they have trucks but all the volunteers/reserves are gone and career staff from CAL FIRE staff everything. J


Sta 58 (Montezuma Vly) in Ranchita has a new 2 bay sta. w/an Eng, WT & new medium type ResQ.



CAL FIRE only has 18 stations in San Diego County, 26 might be the number of schedule b engines in the county. Also SDCFA no longer used the 4 number identifiers, switched to 2 number identifier that correlate with the station number.

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Fire Stations


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