San Diego Gas & Electric's T1 Helitanker


My roster shows an EAC (N237AC) w/nose art name of Sun Bird stationed @ Gillespie near El Cajon from several years ago. This week Fire Aviation ( has a story about SDGE purchasing a new $30 mil AC for use year round.

Would like some clarification, do they now have 2 EAC’s? Story did not give any specifics as to which air frame SDGE purchased & that it’s duty sta would now be Brown’s Field right on the border w/Mexico.

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AC=Air Crane

EAC=Erickson Air Crane

( because my second cup of coffee hadn’t kicked in yet,or it’s just a slow thinking day)

*Also, keep reading the fire aviation article, re: SEAT modified for night ops.


I did read that. Great paint scheme for those SEATS. Also saw a recent Red/White former Aero Union P3 (Tnker 17) w/Air Strike graphics on it. Looked really good…1…gws-wiz-img.sjTpcz-66pQ#imgrc=6J0CD

Coulson’s new Next Gen 130’s & 737 Fire Liners look pretty good as well.

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