SCU Complex - Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying some quiet times after the 2020 fire season.

I laid out a lot of fire hazard thinning on Mount Hamilton in 2005, and then again about 3 years ago. We helped UC Santa Cruz get $500,000 of FEMA PDM grant money to do the initial thinning, and we burned a lot of piles during the 2005 project. We returned and laid out a new project to maintain the 2005 thinning a few years ago.
Here’s a video about the work we did:

I was really happy to hear the Observatory Campus took minimal losses in the 2020 fires, and I am curious to hear what the firefight was like during the fires. Is there anyone on here that was part of the efforts to protect Lick Observatory last summer? If so, can you share how things went? Was there any air support? What were the weather conditions? Etc.