SDCFA stolen engine


Engine 57 from Julian has been missing.


Engine 57 is SD County property, bought and paid for taxpayers for use by the Julian department. It’s time those Julian volunteers who have blocked the use of the facility by the County FA staff grow up. Their childish actions have jeopardized the safety of their own community. If they are parties to Engine 57 removal from the Julian station, each should be charged with a felony!


Has the engine been found? Trying to find out but the local newspaper says nothing more than anti SDCFA stuff and the other FB pages too. No real reporting that’s not obviously biased.

Time for them to accept the fact the voters spoke and judge ruled that the volunteer department has been dissolved.

All parties involved with the removal of the engine should be criminally charged.



I would hope that the disappearance and magical return is investigated and those responsible punished.

Another thing the courts and presiding judge should consider the behavior of the former volunteers in its next session on the matter.

It’s not like any previous volunteer can’t join the SDCFD and still help the community.


I feel like it was a power thing. Being part of Intermountain Fire Department in 2008 a lot of people pushed back even though the county was doing good things for the departments. IE funding, new stations, new equipment and so on. But they provide a great service and overall for the community it’s a good thing.