Site loading issues

keep getting can not load messages, errors and sad faces on the california thread

We are aware of the issues and are working to resolve.


Anyone else having a problem posting a new thread? my button to post new thread in the initial attack section is gone. lots of “429 error” and general issues loading pages on the site for the past few hours.

intel 429

Lots going on behind the scenes. Server is being impacted by an external source. Be patient the guru’s are working on it.


Thanks, glad all are supporting us.

Thank you sir!!!

try reloading

Thanks for helping!
I’m also told that my IP is accessing the website too many times!! :grimacing: Sorry! :slight_smile:

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You need to be patient, as these servers are handling an unprecedented amount of data for an unprecedented amount of wildfires.

Havent had any issues today!

The IT team has been doing some IT magic in the background, so it has been doing really well today

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Appreciate all those hard working folks! For many of us this is our main source of info and its a bummer when its not working well! Keep up the good work!