Small fire EMPF deployment

I’ve been curious for a while now about what is the trigger point to request EMPF/EMTF’s. On large T1 IMT incidents there’s often a large push to have plenty of medical on hand. The CA-RRU-BONNY is a decent fire, hot, dry, and potential for FF injury is certainly there. It seems in my experience that T3 local teams don’t request medics much. Am I incorrect or misinformed?

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I think there’s a lot of factors with T3 incidents. Location of the incident, access, medical resources on or around the incident.

On this fire you can’t throw a rock without hitting a medic on an engine.


Speaking of line EMS whats folks thought on modeling this resource like a REMS.

Make it a team of two min of one medic, with 4x4 wheels, one trainee acceptable.

Seems like a more efficient way to do business than ordering individuals in their own vehicle and you could mentor a trainee the right way.

Mind you im talking R5 here.


Absolutely. We’re often paired up when we get to an assignment, if possible 1 medic and 1 EMT. A problem I could foresee is smaller departments may get cut out when their staffing is low and they can’t afford to send out 2 folks. The training component is certainly lacking in the current set-up.

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You could work a deal with a neighboring dept. For a module for small agencies if needed i would think. Not sure how the finance side would go like this but we put people on the moon in the 1960s im sure they can figure it out.

Ha! True, I completely agree.

There were fewer politics involved in putting a man on the moon than in getting multiple LG and Fed agencies to work together.