Split California into two?


I came back this fire season, and you guys were gone. I’m so happy I found the new address. I am also glad you didn’t split Cali into two sections. I had been trying to find a replacement site when I thought you were gone, and tried a few that did it that way. I didn’t like it. You guys are still the best site!


One state. Too hard to keep track of the line and I always seem to be right on the line. I like only one.


The splits should be done by GACCs. This is especially true on the Great Basin border.


dont split pls.


If this Cali question is resolved… I was wondering why there’s no IA thread for region 4.(southern Id. NV. UT).


Sorry… my bad… I see the Great Basin thread. I missed it without the pretty picture of the USA. And it’s territory marked out.


Not only no picture, they have absconded with parts of the Great Basin GACC and given them to the California thread…