Split California into two?

Thoughts on splitting CA into two : Northern California and Hawaii & Southern California (same as GACCs)???

I think that could be useful - could we have a map show the delineation so it is clear to all users specifically where to post / search? The idea of the split is normal to folks, but I’d want reporters/users not know for sure where to tag their fire and prevent duplicates.

I am okay with that, when CA starts bumping it may help Folks sort through specifically what they are looking for. We can at least try it.

I’m against splitting it. There are several issues with splitting it.
one is that, what happens in South ops, affects what happens in North Ops normally, and vice versus. So if you have fires in South ops, North ops resources will probably be heading south.
The next issue is making sure that people know where the lines are for North ops/South ops. It is not as clear cut as a state line(we already run into this issue sometimes on the back side of the Sierras where the fire is IN California but administered and run on a NV number). So we will end up having to move fires from North to South or vice versus, because in places, it depends which side of the river it is on, or now its on both sides and we don’t really know who is administering it etc. I think at one time the hotlist was North and South and we decided it was best to just make them one.

D may have a point though about it might make things more organized when it is hot and heavy, but it can also contribute to work load when we get 9 million “this should be in south ops” posts etc etc when we are trying to get info out.


Those are good points I did not consider. If we split it then Folks will one more for the State of Jefferson. Lol.


Copy that, I think I’ll leave it as is

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I personally would like to see them split…but L is right. It would be a nightmare for us.

Not following the question, but it’s been a helluve a week. You mean splitting as in splitting cali into two states within the union? 51st state?

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No, the thought was to split CA into North ops and South Ops due to the number of fires that get going inside one area. But I think they decided it would be to difficult to have a firm split location. And some fires may well be in both. And what happens in NOPS affects SOPS and vice versa.

Hahaha…MHB. sure, we can just make. 51st state. :joy:

I know that. Like I said, rough week String, ha. You remember how the conversations went off the rails at times. I was just checking. I don’t think California should be split into two different regions (if that’s the question here in this thread). That would cost a lot of money, hundreds of new non fire employees.

Good to see you String…

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We know that the fire season moves from SoCal through CenCal, then up to NorCal, and back to SoCal as we go from May to October; so I’d leave everything the way it is with CA and HI together.

Good to see you too mhb :slight_smile:

I hear you Chaparral but everything else is being done by GACC.
I am in favor of anything that simplifies things for the user (and maybe even teaches users a little).
If people have to be savvy enough to figure out the correct 3-letter designation they should be able to sort out that BEU, MMU, TCU and their associated Forests form the parts of the northern boundary of South Ops.

This reminds me, a searchable list of designators would be helpful some place down the road. The designator could then be used to assure that the incident landed in the correct GACC.
I have no desire to remember what the designator for Central Lyon County Fire Protection District is. I need a list.
Just by 2 cents.

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Here is a page where you can look up agency identifiers:

This page has lots of reports, including a list of all active unit identifiers either in txt or XML format:


Thank you Gnufsh.
Might be an idea to have a link on the form where incidents are started.
Thanks all.

I like that idea. @7hills what do you think?

We used to have that posted at in all the different GACC IA forums as a “sticky” post. agree it would be incredibly useful to have linked here.

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Heck, just wait till November and see how the vote goes. JK, I suggest leave it one state.


If we do split it - there must be a map to assist postings & avoid confusion