I am trying to figure out, how much progress is being made to put out the major fires started in the last month in California. On my list is the Hennessee, the SCU complex, the Santa Cruz Complex and the Willits fire. I have not heard of any major fires other than those closed up since. I imagine with the heavy fuels on the Santa Cruz complex there are still forces committed to it, but the others I think are closed.

Captain 71… here’s a few that are still active…from North to South.
KNF Slater
KNF Devil
SRF Red Salmon complex
PNF North Complex
MNF August Complex
SNF Creek
SQF Sequoia Complex ( Castle fire)
ANF Bobcat
BDF El Dorado
Info on all of them is available on Inciweb


The national situation report shows you the acreage, percent containment and number of personnel assigned to each large fire. It’s updated every morning based on information received the night before.