The end of 2020


We are now into the final hours of the Decade of 2020. It’s been a very long year with many challenges that we have not encountered before. I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincere appreciation to everyone on this forum. Your participation has been the element which makes this forum a place to obtain information. I thank you for your dedication to the Wildland Fire profession and for every single minute of time that you spent out on the line along with adding your intel into this Forum.

Thank you so much, each and all. Happy New Year and a toast to 2021 being a better one than 2020.


As 2021 arrives, I’m very thankful for all the First Responders commitment and dedication to respond when duty calls.

May God bless each one in the coming years as they continue to serve us all.


2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges from covid-19 to a pretty insane fire season. A lot people came here for any information they find about where they live and even found some closure after days of not knowing what was left of their home. You guys out on the line faced these challenges Head-on and as I’ve many an old timer say you start at one end and work your way to the other.

In words of Chief Dan George" endeavor to persevere".


i am very happy when 2020 end


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