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Any thoughts on putting most recent comment at top on I/A? Appears most recent is on bottom

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In my mind I always want to have newest on the bottom because I read top to bottom. The way my computer shows it, it jumps to the first new post since my last visit which is highlighted in a different color so I know where to start.

So I like it the way it is.

I think some software allows each viewer to customize that sort of thing.


Copy by the time I look it’s old news


This was an option for each user in v-bulltein, I always had new posts at the top on the hotlist. So far I’ve not found anything in my user settings indicating it’s something we as users can change. A quick google search shows that this is typically run by a plug-in for the program that has to be added on for a lot of forums. I also see that some members asked about this last year as well. We will bring this up again to the tech folks.


I prefer it the way it is now as well. That lets me read the thread top to bottom, instead of going down to the last post I read then reading up.

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