TX-TICC-McDannald (was McDaniel)

State ID:TX
3 letter designator:TICC
Fire name:McDaniel
Location: 14 miles east of Valentine, TX
Reported acres: UNK
Rate of spread: UNK
Structure threat:n/a
Resources: AA, lead plane, 2 seats, and 2 type 1 air tankers
Radio channels: n/a
Scanner link:
Webcam link:

6,000 acres, 10 percent contained

12,000 acres, 15 percent contained, 3 SEATs and 3 type 1 air tankers assigned.

Type 1 team on order, going to be the Texas Forest Service Team.
Reports of new starts in the area

400 homes were threatened this morning when the fire made a run.

22,000 acres. A FEMA FMAG has been approved for this fire.

Finally wrapped this one up.

Acres: 19,043
Containment: 100%