U.S.F.S. Apprentice Hiring

The Wildland Firefighter Apprentice hiring starts today for the US Forest Service. Go to usajobs.gov website to apply. This is a fulltime permanent position.


Proud graduate of Academy #45 checking in!

The JAC program went through some rocky stages but its now a solid entry-level start for anybody looking to try out the federal fire life.


It would be nice if you could pick what route you wanted to go and not have to do all of them. Like if you wanted to be on an engine you did engine things, if you wanted to be helitack you did aviation.

They want you to be well rounded. After your apprenticeship you can choose whatever route you want. Personally I feel that is what separates the FS from other agencies. When those people promote and become division sups or IC’s, they have a better understanding of resources capabilities and how to use those resources.