Update on cal fire FF1 2021 calls

Anybody of the FF1 2021 , that applied received any calls yet ?


A few items worth mentioning. We know your anxious to when CAL FIRE will be placing calls, (and I respect that) but please refrain from posting multiple topics with the same discussion points. It only clogs up the site and makes tracking all the pertinent information difficult for one to follow.

Secondly, CF will be making calls any day now and expect them to reach category 2. If you’re willing to travel, you’ll land yourself a job this year. I’m positive someone will respond on the original post dated March 4th that they or their friends have begun to receive calls. Patience is a great trait to have in the fire service. Good luck!

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I got a call today for a unit in so cal, start in a few weeks. I’m a returnee from nor cal tho. You’ll get a call soon just gotta be patient.