US Air Force helping us in Wildland Aircraft Support.

Air Force personal helping us on aircraft mapping. At least I hope it is only mapping missions. I don’t believe JDAMM’s have been approved yet to suck the air out of a fire yet!!


That’s awesome
Air Force CCT’s are bad ass

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I made this post in the RC-26 topic but will drop it here too.

@firedog1 Dont let those TACPs and CCTs hear you calling one the other lol!

Here is a good facebook Video Link on DRTI and what they bring to the fight. They use ATAK for this mission. Glad to see the USFS moving forward with ATAK.

We could be doing the exact same thing that DRTI does with our agency/contract aviation fixed wing and UAS. IMHO we should be doing this mission as fire folks. Lets learn from their best practices. We should be self reliant and the military should augment us just like they do with MAFFS and helicopters etc.

Please watch this video its very informative on capability.

If anyone is looking for a great book to read check out “Alone at Dawn” gives a in depth view of CCT mission and I will second what @firedog1 said CCTs are bad ass.


Yes they are
My brother in law is a retired CCT.
Basically the same training pipeline, just different terminal assignments

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