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Good discussion. I don’t always agree with Beas. However I enjoy talking with him and getting his perspective. At least one OCS1 is a member of fusee as well.

On a different subject. When are we going to get some energy moving on the subject to increase entry level pay for fed firefighters and trickle those raises upwards through the ranks? It’s getting to the point of absurdity now in many if not most parts of the country. We were successful in 07 and received some concessions. The time is right. $12.83? Unreal.


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FUSEE Report on Soberanes Fire

Stronger union support perhaps? I know not all forests are part of the union but it still seems to effect everyone.


We need to get rolling here and wake a few people up. People, experienced people are leaving the Feds daily. Many new applicants look at a Fed temp ff’er jobs as the last resort.

We must increase pay significantly.

The RO idea is to buy a common t shirt for all modules. That will certainly solve the problem. FS can’t even figure out how to do a boot reimbursement program correctly for our temps.

Let’s figure out a plan and implement. We will need the full strength of all to push our comms out hard. Foundation. Minimum wage for a job with many risks, requiring many skills. Critical thinking and physical conditioning.

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First thing we need are stats.

Are any engines in your forest shutdown due to staffing issues with perms or temps? If so, name the forest or unit and identify how many engines on your forest are not going to be staffed this fire season? Be specific as to the reason.

How many engines on your forest are going to be staffed 5 day vs 7 day staffed this fire season? Identify the forest and the reason for 5 day staffing.

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I know of 4 or 5 temps on just my district that already quit (before they showed up). I’m not sure how the engines will be affected yet. I know most people just use the FS as a stepping stone. At least here in R5. Seems like the feds care more about diversity rather than quality people when they do their hiring. They want to hire people from out of region that aren’t used to the wages and costs of R5. I’ve heard there has been talk in Washington of having a fed fire organization with NPS, BLM, FS, BIA…etc. all under one roof separated from non-fire workers of all those agencies. Of course it would be 10-15 years to see that happen but I think that would be a step in the right direction.


When states like Montana, Idaho and Washington have retention issues, one can imagine what it’s like in
California. Keep these topics front and center. Call out leadership when appropriate.

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