Verizon burner phones

I am an AT&T Firstnet customer and go out on single resource assignments where (not surprisingly) I’ll have no service and the guy next to me with Verizon has a solid signal. I don’t spend enough time out of county that I want to switch back to Verizon, but I am considering going with a pre-paid phone from Verizon to have and activate when I go out. I’d like to have one for phone calls and hotspot capability. Looking for any advice from other folks who may do this, and how its worked out. Thanks in advance.

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Verizon wifi hotspot and then hook your phone to that on wifi?


Verizon has their Critical Response Team who will send out Verizon flip phones and hot spots at no charge to the incident. They just need a resource order. They FedEx them overnight. 800 -981-9558 Next incident work with the COML and see if they can get some. I got 5 of each last year early in the season and use them on several fires here on the Sierra.


That’s what I do. Phone is ATT FirstNet and then I keep a Verizon Hotspot when needed for secondary coverage. Phone can do wifi calling through the hotspot.

And as logchief1 said, COML has access to a lot of goodies depending on your role on the incident. Burner phones for verizon or firstnet, order up a COW/Colt, satellite phones via CalOES TComm or 3rd party vendor, Sonim rapid response kits etc.


And you can put ATAK on those Sonims…unfortunately the processor and RAM are pretty week. Maybe next purchase will be Samsung X cover Pros.


Thanks everyone for your responses and ideas. I ended up buying a Verizon jetpack and will activate it before going out. Should work out pretty well.

This is my 12th year as a Driver with Type I Pickup and an AT&T phone. This is also my second year buying a Verizon phone so I can make and receive calls, plus the ability to use the HotSpot with my computer and my AT&T. I’ve only been to two fires in 12 years where AT&T brought a satellite truck into camp. Almost every time reception was even marginal, Verizon had their trailer there.

Had one for a 2 year contract with unlimited data and the data slowed way down after the gig usage was up, had to wait for a new cycle to use it again. They work good for a bit