So what is the status of tanker 944? I saw it was launched on the holy incident and a few other fires but not too often. Is it a contract thing? I realize that 944 needs to reload at Mc Clellan only, but if it’s up in north ops area it is a moot point, since all VLAT’s reload at Mc Clellan and with 944 @ 19,000 vs DC-10’s @ 12,000 the turn around vs coverage is much more with 944.


I could be wrong but I think at one point 944 only had a contract with cal fire and the USFS did not sign with them. Could be wrong but I vaguely remember that. Also 944 is very terrain dependent as she is a big beast.


Oh ok. Didn’t think about it being a fed. fire issue. Thx.


944 works for CALFIRE on a CWN basis. So unless there is a need for it on a CALFIRE incident, it sits, waiting for another agency to use it as needed. Awful as that is, that bad boy just costs a lot to put it on a exclusive use contract.


Just saw 914 make a trip out of MCC to an area above Folsom lake i hear no traffic from NYP or AEU ? About to land at MCC.