WA-BEN-LocBrant/Harrison ???

69000 block of Harrison Loop, Benton City

Benton County Fire (BEN).

Vegetation fire in arborvitae. Evacuations. Structures threatened.

WD: https://share.watchduty.org/i/18049
Broadcastify: Tri-Cities Police and Fire Live Audio Feed (broadcastify.com)

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[Sorry about agency codes needed fixing. I could really use a map of dispatch centers. FWAC often has agency codes, but if it isnt on FWAC, yet, I have no clue.]

1:38 PM PDT: Wildland strike team requested.

Suburban neighborhood. Good roads all around. Probably not gonna go far.

This same fire would certainly be a lot more threatening in the late summer. At least one of those fire scars appear to be fires reported here last June.

3:46 PM PDT: FFs engaging with an involved motor home.

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Arborvitae are very common plants, often found as part of a hedge or border. They are in the genus Thuja, with 2 of the 5 species native to North America. The arborvitae tree may grow multi-stemmed, with a single trunk narrow and straight, or wide with many branches, depending upon the species. They range from dwarf forms to very tall evergreens.The Thuja tree is low maintenance and popular for this reason as well as its evergreen beauty.

Botanical name: Thuja occidentalis
Height: 8-12 feet ( 2.4-3.6 m.)
Spread: 3-4 feet ( .9-1.2 m.)
Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Soil requirements: Moist, well drained loam
Hardiness zones: USDA 2-7
Arborvitae Growing Guide: Everything You Need To Know | Gardening Know How

Looks like a pretty high energy veg type.


FWAC. Found the agency code. Might not be the same fire, “Harrison” appears to be more recent, but very close by. Consistent with wind direction. Wouldn’t be the first time an incident had different names on different apps, though.