State ID:WA
3 letter designator:CWC
Fire name: 243
Location: town of Beverly in Grant County.
Reported acres: 5,000
Rate of spread:Rapid
Report on Conditions:wind gusts to 30 mph
Structure threat: yes
Resources: AA-10F AHTANUM 20 BATT-804 CHIEF-601 CREW-15 CREW-52 CREW-6201 DIV-602 DIV-802 E-321 E-332 E-341 E-381 E-672 E-863 FB-205 FB-244 FUELS-21 FUELS-84 H-339 H-346 PATROL-604 SE-127 SE-539 SE-643 SE-700 SE-ESCOBAR SE-SLYFIEL T-163
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

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Per wildcad update - This fire is now 18774 acres

Sorry it took so long to get information out on this page. Technical issues… 1st world problems.

The wildfire started near the Wanapum Dam in Grant County is now the 243 Command Fire. The fire is estimated at 5,000 acres and will be updated as additional information is available. Currently, crews from across the state are on scene battling steep terrain and variable winds. The fire has ran east in the canyon with some extension on the north side but has not crossed Lower Crab Creek. Crews were able to contain it primarily to the canyon. A significant night shift is in place to provide point protection, if the weather allows, they can directly attack the fire. There are approximately 400 personnel and two fire bosses, multiple helicopters, 1 air tanker, and air attack. No homes have been reported damaged.
This has been a difficult fire to mitigate due to the many natural and commercial resources threatened. Crews have been briefed on the sensitivity and value of the area and are doing their best to minimize damage from fire and mitigation efforts.
Road closures include Beverly Burke Road between SR26 and SR243, and Lower Crab Creek Road from SR243 to SR26. A Red Cross evacuation shelter is open and located at the Royal City Intermediate School and will provide food, water, and shelter for anyone in the evacuation zone. Also, the Grant County Fairgrounds is available to provide shelter for livestock. They will have bedding and water available, but no feed.
The Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Washington Department of Natural Resources have issued recreational closures on public lands surrounding the fire.
For additional information contact the 243 Command Fire Public Information Officer at 509-593-0444 or email at wildfire77243@gmail.com.

ALSO: There are several agencies that have posted different numbers. We have no idea where the numbers are coming from. We know the fire has grown today, but we have no accurate mapping at this time to confirm acreage or containment. 5000+ is the best guess at this point.

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Per inciweb 18,774 acres 50% contained. Full containment expected tomorrow.

Correct name is 243 command.

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Showing 85% contained.

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