State ID: WA
3 letter designator: NES
Fire name: SOUTH PINE
Location: 48 35.790, -119 35.340
Reported acres: 125
Rate of spread: rapid
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat: 6 structures and multiple outbuildings
Resources: 2 heavies from Penticton and 1 heavy from Redmond requested. Multiple FB’s and rotor’s
Hazards: 3 paragliders have shut down air ops, now restarting air ops
Weather: 98F, RH13%, WSW4 G9, no spot yet
Radio channels:
Scanner link: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/29848
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


AA 4WA. Rotor 170CB, 171PL, 344. FB201, FB202, FB244, FB245.

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TNKR161 and T103 inbound from Redmond. LEAD63 from Klamath Falls.


225 acres per Lead63. 161 and 103 released back to Redmond. Lead63 remaining onscene. 4 FB’s still engaged with 2 K-Max’s (and I believe 344 still). They’ve pretty much got this one wrapped up.