State ID: WA
3 letter designator: SPD
Fire name: Powerline
Location: 15N R23E S24
Reported acres: 1500+
Rate of spread: rapid
Report on Conditions: burning in grass and brush
Structure threat: yes
Resources: AA-10F, Tanker 164 & 167, FB-205, FB-244, 3 medium rotors, 1 heavy rotor, 4 crews.
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Now reported at 5000+ acres. Mobilization requested and approved.


2 heavy tankers will be working the fire tomorrow, 4 firebosses, 2-3 medium rotors, and at least 1 to 2 heavy rotors. Firing operation tonight.


#PowerlineFire :: We’re attempting to locate contact info for the PIO on the Incident Management Team who can give current and future information. Once we have that contact information we will post it. As of right now, we have no current fire information. https://t.co/KzPZT5XjoL

#WA #WAWILDFIRE #FireSeason2019
#PowerlineFire :: Incident Command Post is being setup this morning at Wahluke High School in Mattawa. Media should go there. Once PIOs are available they will be at the Command Post.

#PowerlineFire :: State mobilized resources have been arriving throughout the night. Last night’s level 1 and 2 evacuation notices remain in effect. https://t.co/FHjARoJtqx

Interactive map for #PowerlineFire WA. Satellite hotspot data from NASA is not real time! To learn about hotspot data and how to turn other #GIS overlays on/off, please read the Map tips - link in upper left corner. #WAfire
Open #GISsurfer map: https://t.co/xurUm8Uqbx https://t.co/Bn2l8Lf3M7

#WA #WAWILDFIRE #FireSeason2019
Online scanner link

#WA #WAWILDFIRE #FireSeason2019
Per Nancy Jones Incident Management Team Public Information Officers, just taking over command, Est 7800 acres 50% containment, 250 personnel

Baker River and La Grande IHC assigned today.

Mobilization ended at 2000.

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Contained July 18, 2019 at 1944.