State ID: WA
3 letter designator: WFS
Fire name: ROAD 11
Location: Waterville, WA
Reported acres: 2000
Rate of spread: rapid
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat: Yes
Resources: local fire district only, no air resources
Weather: red flag warning. Spot pending. 79F, RH22%, WNW 21 with gusts to 28
Radio channels:
Scanner link: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/24557
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

State mobilization anticipated.

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Clicked the wrong thread. That’s on me. Thanks for switching.

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Fire mobe request received by State OEM. Fire burning in sage, grass, and wheat. Level 3 evacuations. Homes and crops threatened.


Spot Forecast
A cold front has moved through this evening and will continue the gusty winds at the wildfire site. Sunday will be noticeably
cooler, however, dry conditions will still exist and wind gusts
are forecast to be only slightly weaker. A subtle wind shift from west to northwest is likely Sunday night.

Wind (20 ft)… 5-10 pm: West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts to 35 mph. After 10pm: West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph. Tomorrow west winds 10-15 morning, 15-20 afternoon with gusts to 30.


Mobilization authorized.


Firebosses flying the fire. (Flightradar has shown FB241, FB205, FB201, FB202, FB244, FB245). H-3RC also assigned.


Per Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 2000 fire size estimated at 10,000 acres.