What happened to FireWhat.

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Man, that is just really sad.

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Some how I’m not surprised to hear this. I always thought something seemed fishy with how suddenly he left firewhat then their rapid closure.


Just sucks cause the original hotlist was an awesome site to go to. I’m glad we have this one now though. But what a waste of time and effort just to have to rebuild it.


A lot of effort, time, and even experience was lost when they killed the old site. Sam got greedy and hurt a lot of people by not paying them and other things. We have this site now and it will continue to get better because we have good people on here running it.


Really shocked to hear this news. I been retired 9 years now but still keep abreast of the goings on with Cal Fire. Glad to see the Crew bumps and the fuels reduction program getting a boost again. the S70i’s will be a whole big learning curve for Helitack so have patients with the guys on Ferrying folks around on fires this year. 903 is the only one I’ve seen so far. You guys stay Safe this summer.

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I was a seasonal with Sam back in the day with CDF. He was golden. I really hope it isn’t the truth but it’s hard to not believe it

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There was the memorial site as well on wlf.com that a lot of work went into. I haven’t been able to find that.


Memorial site is http://wlfalwaysremember.org/, its still online and run by one of the original WLF founders.


Oh. That great. Thanks.


Yup he was an explorer advisor too at CZU/17. Same guy. Sad but looks like he did it the wrong way. I think he had a partner as well.


Sam was a ff at the same station when I was there. Sharp guy and pretty smart. Surprised he resigned after reaching a captain rank.

I talked with a few people who had his company’s stuff at an incident base camp and they liked his operation.

I too used to frequent the old site WLF.com and read some neat stuff but lost interest when the format and company changed.

Thanks to those who stepped up and created this. I just really hope that the bashing of agencies don’t start. We ALL know good hard working people from different agencies who just do their jobs.

Stay safe everybody.