Why launch T944 so.late


why do I see T944 launching at 1630-1700 hrs seemly every day? Why not have them and other DC-10’s. Would think having them out for at least 1/2 a day would be better. Thougt the air or winds maybe an issue but almost always see 1 DC-10 launch much earlier each day.


944 has made 3 confirmed flights over my house today, and possibly more, enroute to the NE. On most large fires, they will specifically carve out time out to ensure that all available air assets can make a final evening barrage to hold as much line as they can for night ops. There is nothing exclusionary going to prevent or on use 944 in a limited fashion recognizing that that there are other aircraft which are more nimble although with much less capacity depending on the aircraft utilization priorities throughout the day.