Wildfire Intel Now has an iOS Mobile App!!


Hello All,

Excited to share that we have created a simple mobile app which will make accessing the forum much easier on the go! How do you get it?
(You’ll need an iPhone for this app)

  1. Go to the App Store mobile app on your iPhone
  2. Search “wildfireintel”
  3. Tap ‘Get’ on the wildfire intel app
  4. Tap Install when the icon switches.
  5. Enter your Password or use Touch ID when prompted.
  6. Wait for the download to finish.
  7. Open the app
  8. Login with your same credentials from the web forum
  9. Continue Hotlisting!

Edits 1: added screenshot, notifications confirmed (fourth picture)



Added it to my iphone, anxiously awaiting the android release!


It can be done as soon as we figure out how to post to the Google Play store.


That is great news!


Also working on my iWatch


So I’ve looked through the app, but haven’t been able to find out where to enable notifications. Is it in the app or in settings on my iPhone?


It will be in the iPhone settings. Under settings, select notifications, then find the Wildfire Intel app and turn the notifications on there. Hopefully that helps.

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I have checked the settings on my iPhone for the app to get notifications and that’s good. But in the app under notifications I says live notifications are not supported on this browser.


Looks great! Can’t wait for the Android version - apps have to be “white listed” so I can’t put it on my agency iPhone.

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thank you, nice to see it up and running and being used

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Great job you guys.


I’m gettin “No Results” with “wildfireintel” on my iPad!


If I have the filter 'supports “iPad Only” 'selected nothing comes up, but if I change it to “iphone Only” the app is visible


Feature request: either a back button, or a swipe from the left to go back?

Also I’m realizing clicking the title of the thread gets us to the thread, but mis-aim and hit the category and suddenly I’m seeing “Initial Attacks” or something. I got lost a few times hahaha. Maybe a more prominent click area to go to the thread and not the “category” of the thread?

But amazing job nonetheless! Thanks for your efforts!


app looks great guys, good work!

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That fixed it, thanks


Have you figured out getting the app in Google Playstore yet? I googled ‘putting an app on Google Playstore’ and a fairly simple set of directions came up


Ditto the above on back button.
None the less, great job by all who re-created this. It’s nice to have it back and easiest of all of the ones created to take the formers place
Another thing noticed, and might be user error, on iPhone can’t enlarge photos for better view and if “download” hit, image is scaled way big and then how do you exit that image.

Thx again, keep up the good work


It’s been a question of bandwidth more than anything. We’ve been working through the details on the build. I think the next step is to create the zillion different screenshots required by the store. Thanks for the prompt. We’ll get it back on the active task list.

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I agree with you norcalscan. The UI is a little hard to get used to. Notifications are not intuitive. It forces you to choose certain parameters and they aren’t necessarily what one would want. The app is a welcome addition and I hope it undergoes changes over time, based on user input.

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