Wildland 4x4 Training


Hey all,

Our department is getting an OES Type 6 and I have been tasked with putting together some 4x4 training. Can anybody help me out with some training or places to get it at? I would love to get some feedback from you all, since most of you have had or can point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help!


Hit me up off line and I can get you our EVOC guys info…

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Back in the day, both the BLM and NPS had a pretty comprehensive engine academy, like 40+ hours worth of really good quality training. I’d contact one of your local fed guys and see if they can give you the training program. I took the training in in '92. Spent a lot of hours driving dirt roads, off road stuff in 4x4 mode, and a lot of pumping and drafting.
I hate to say it but its true, the fed engine training that I got was better than the 2A/2B training in Ione.
Most of that early fed engine training/experience I got in '92 I still use today with another agency.


You could do a “train-the-trainer”. Take the 5 day course and put your knowledge to work for your department.


You can always use the State Fire Training taskbook for Wildland Fire Apparatus, we use that and use an off-road driving course we established with inclines, declines, and side hill to certify.



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I will second the driving company. Great instruction.