Wildland Firefighting History and Interviews

I’ve been working on some interviews with old-timers and thought this thread could be a good place to share these kinds of conversations. I also wanted to shout-out to Bethany Hannah at The Smokey Generation. Bethany has done many many interviews with our wildland elders.

Here are the first two we have published so far on The Lookout:
Sue Husari - First female Hotshot, and pioneering woman leader in American wildland fire (Region FMO for Pacific West Region of NPS, and also, Region 5 of USFS) with a fire career spanning 5 decades.

Jim Klump - veteran wildland firefighter, old-school Redding Smokejumper, and District Fire Management Officer on the Plumas National Forest for 25 years. We talked about the intersection of fire and forestry, land management, people, leadership, and history.


New interview on The Lookout with Dr. Malcom North.

Dr. Malcom North is US Forest Service scientist and professor at UC Davis. He has been studying wildfire, forests, and wildlife for the past 30 years, and is one of our best brains when is comes to putting together all the different pieces of how wildlands function at the landscape scale. We talked about the scale of our wildfire problems, potential ways to change the ways we reforest after fires, and the very real obstacles to getting forest restoration work done at the landscape scale.