Year round Federal Fire Agency?

It’s just talk, and politicians at that but at least it’s being talked about.

Will never happen. A, the federal budgets for fire changes ever year by who is in control of the political world. B, DOI is a resource management agency. Most of all the staff works on resource management projects year around. Plus look at their PD’s, fire is secondary for most employees. C, most people like having the winter off, so they can travel and spend time with family. If you think retention is a problem now, wait to see what will happen. Same song a dance that has been going on for over 20 years.

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True. USFS Region 5 (CA and HI) is already year round staffing for perm staff. That was to help get them time towards retirement. So now they shovel snow, sharpen tools and work for base pay with no overtime (oh and carpool too, fyi) in the winter. Seasonals cant work over 1039 base hours so that means having multiple rounds of hiring and staggered throughout the season/year. Yeah right, can barely hire and staff now.