I am sitting on the top of Mt Saint Helena, at the Kincade, and see a large column toward Yosemite and aircraft flying that direction. Anyone know anything?


Not personally seeing anything locally west of Yosemite. Yosemite webcams and surrounding webcams look clear.
Sutter Buttes and Coon Hollow cameras seem to be intently focused on the foothills/Central Valley. Maybe an ag burn popped a header for a bit?
Yeah, west of Stockton area a quick heat sig…
Also heat north of sac, probably what coon hollow cam was focused on.


Some top smoke on the Howell MTN 1 & Bald mountain cam(very light smoke). Nothing on the Sierra Nevada Foothill Cams. Seems like the only game in town is TGU. Nothing on TCU local or MMU.

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Plume visible on Cohasset Hill cam towards Chico

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Showing on Banner Mtn 2.


The Banner/Howell/Bunker cameras appear to be picking up smoke from the North Divide RX(still?) on the Foresthill Divide in the vicinity of Finning Mill Rd.


From Kincade, that fire is toward Tahoe, not Yosemite. And it’s also not putting up a large column visible from Kincade.
Large ag burn near Stockton throwing heat signature was likely the column you saw “toward Yosemite”.
Cohasset Hill cam toward Chico showed another ag burn I believe, that also had a nice quick heat sig.

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