State ID:CA
3 letter designator:BTU
Fire name:CAMP
Location: Under power lines visable from Poe Power House, west side of Feather River
Reported acres:10
Rate of spread:critical
Report on Conditions:35mph NE winds
Structure threat:unknown Pulga mandatory evacuation, Jarbo Gap advisory
Resources: 7 engines 2 dozers, request for additional multiple ST engines, handcrews request early on for aircraft
Hazards:power lines
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Possible secind start up Rim Rd across from Concow Res bsend resources to investigate. Potential for the Camp incident to become a major fire.

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LAKE 200-300 ACRES

IC request SR 70 be closed between Pentz Rd and Belden.


Live cam - click on Ca. State Parks:


15 Charlie, 15 golf and 10 lima S/T ordered by IC. Fire with spread to structures on Hoffman Rd. Which is north of concow reservoir.

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Uh Oh!!


Heat Signature:


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fire has hit the structures in Concow.

Lots of fire history in this area. This will be a extended Incident.

Just ordered mandatory evacs for everyone East of Pentz Rd and North of Hwy 70. This would include Feather River Hospital but no word on if they will just yet.

AA calling it 1,000 plus acres. Ordering 6 additional Tankers.

Multiple civilians trapped in Concow and taking refuge in a creek bed. Ordered 3 medic units in case of injuries. Evac extended to basically everything East of Clark Rd in Paradise.

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Report of a spot fire in someone’s backyard in Paradise.

Current weather at Jarbo Gap:

0813: Multiple reports of spots on the Paradise side of the canyon. Just south of Feather River Hospital at Pentz/Lowry, and now Merrill at Pentz.

IC requesting 30 strike teams of engines, any type, 10 strike teams of dozers, 10 strike teams of crews, on top of all previous orders - all to Branch 2 in Paradise.

Fire has impacted Feather River Hospital

Lifeflight, Search and Rescue, wide array of other resources heading to evacuate patients from Feather River Hospital.