KCRA just put the fire at 2000 acres and all of Paradise being evacuated


Blowing in the hills above:


Shot from the Willows area…


Spot fires reported at Clark & Billie. In the town of Paradise. Not good…


From Chico airport.


Live KCRA cam:


Fire crew with a dozen civilians trapped…taking shelter in a safety zone…


0900: Skyway all lanes are now southbound traffic only. Lower Pentz at the hospital is gridlock and fully impacted with fire. The tempo and tone of law enforcement just cranked up a few notches.

Butte Creek Canyon in advisory evac now. Expected impact in a few hours.


AA advising 5,000 acres.


Looks like AA210 is focusing on two main areas…


Per AA 5000 acres


26 engine ST request, all types (1, 2, 3), just hit ROSS


Multiple homes on fire in the Norwood and Pentz Road areas.

Also hearing of a possible AMPM on fire

People abandoning cars in the middle of the road in gridlock and running


*** please remember , post factual , NECESSARY information.
Keep in mind effects of your posts to those concerned about first responders and civilians in the fire area. ***


Staging area moved at 0940 to Butte community college


Fire and law enforcement #1 priority is evacuation flows out of Paradise. All aircraft priority is protection of evacuation routes. My aunt is in the gridlock in north Paradise with fire in view. It’s not good there.

0945 Fire appears to have crossed Skyway at Lofty Lane.


Chico fairgrounds opening for evac center(10:04hrs)


North paradise and magalia residents to evacuate north thru Butte Meadows.

CHP Air Ops( H-14) on scene assisting with evacs


1015: Fire impacting Skyway between Wagstaff and Clark. Traffic still complete gridlock.

Fire is now established in the Honey Run, Butte Creek Canyon.


1020: Clark road( southern evac route to hwy 70) now impacted by fire.

Evacs now to divert to Bushman to skyway.