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Not good…


Now 7000 acres


Fire reported in town “right behind Safeway” at Elliott and Clark.


CHP has multiple helicopters, possible 5 plus enroute or on scene.
No tankers flying due to wind.


PG&E copter reporting multiple rescues taking place.


Units in Paradise are establishing Temporary Refuge areas, for civilians, that will be moved into buildings and then defended with fire engines.


Live chopper view


45 to 50+ MPH Winds right now in the fire area.


Evacuating Yankee Hill on both sides of 70.


heavy evacuations just north of wagstaff off skyway. multiple locked vehicles left in roadway about to be pushed off roadway by fire personnel. gotta keep those evacuations routes cleared.


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KCRA live video was showing fire burning through the Magalia area


AA ordering 2 S-2’s, “if that works, VLAT will be next.”


CHP is stopping all northbound traffic on Hwy 99 at Hwy 149. All lanes of Hwy 99 from Skyway south to Hwy 149 will be southbound.


Modis update


Sounds like the S2 drops went well, they ordered up a VLAT, more S2s and large tankers.


@CALFIRE_ButteCo 2 minutes ago

Camp Fire Update, Butte County
8000 acres, 0% contained
Evacuation orders established for Paradise, Magalia, Concow, Butte Creek Canyon and Butte Valley.


CHP dispatch info is painting a tough image of this evac. Caltrans Quickmap gives a good estimate of the area currently closed and expectations for growth.

RAWS for Jarbo Gap is showing winds at 16 with gusts to 33. Seem to be consistently from ~30 degrees.


KRCR is now saying 17000 ac.