Feather River Hospital is now on fire per scanner chatter.


The action news site from Chico has images and a good closure/evac list.


Fire units are attempting to escort a convoy of buses into paradise to evacuate people


And loosing hydrant pressure. All available tenders to the hospital ASAP.
Busses being escorted in to get folks that sheltered in place.


They are doing an amazing job with the Temporary Refuge Area at Skyway at Bille. They have been pulling everyone they see in the area into Walgreens and using the limited fire resources in the area to protect and fortify the building. Other TRA’s throughout town as well in shopping center parking lots etc.


According to KRCR, 60 patients evacuated from the hospital and at least one hospital building has been destroyed.


AA is talking about needing the CHP air missions needing to come through the fire chain of command. The airspace is too congested without AA being in charge and able to prioritize missions and keep aircraft separated and accounted for.
Mentioned that the column is starting to collapse and may have to shut down the fixed wing show.


AA is calling it 9-10,000 acres easily. maybe more



Having issues protecting the TRA at Clark and Skyway, with fire threatening the building being used as a TRA.


18,000 acres per CalFire email


1445: Threat to the TRA at Clark at Skyway has been lowered, direct fire impingement has been mitigated for the time being. Looking for buses to get those ~150 refugees out. All the abandoned vehicles along Clark and Skyway are fully involved now.

I believe a TRA of 300+ refugees are still in the KMart building. And I haven’t heard if the Walgreens TRA is evacuated or not.


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1700: as of 1645 Feather River Hospital main building and OB still intact, all others destroyed or impacted.

Paradise is still basically in the same grips as 9am this morning, life safety, people still in TRA’s, fire suppression only for life safety or critical stops to infrastructure. Losing hydrant pressure in downtown.


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Fire spread to north has crested out of Centerville canyon, now impacting the Wilder drive community, south of hwy 32


Per the scanner, fire bumping 99 near Neal Road, recommending a hard closure of 99.


Highway 32 closed at Yosemite Drive due to the fire jumping the canyon, per CalTrans.


1930: Fire has crossed 99 to the west, between Neal and Durham Pentz. About to bump Oro-Chico Hwy.

Advisory evacs for everything west of 99, north of 149 and south of city limits, west to Midway - including all feeder roads on both sides of Midway.

Water tanks for Paradise are about empty, gravity fed so if dry it’s dry. Pumps for lower town have backup gens on natural gas which is compromised so no backup gen. Looking to source 3phase heavy gen for those pumps.

1955: Stilson Canyon about to get impacted, fire coming out of the canyon hard into Stilson Canyon community. This is generally considered the eastern most residential reach of “Chico”