Evacing within Chico city limits. Everything east of Bruce Road between Hwy 32 and East 20th Street.


Looking at possibly Canyon Oaks subdivision evacuations now. possibly hit former burn scars, but with these winds. man…


**** As we move into the end of the first operational period, both Oroville and Chico proper are within 6 miles( or less) of the current fire perimeter.

As all have done today, please share accurate ( confirmed) information. Line personnel along with non- fire folks look here for intel. It IS going to be a bumpy night.

Thank you and keep the info flow moving.


NIROPS IR data is up. Imagery from 17:54 this evening.


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MODIS 0700 (0600 PST)

Detailed map


Ops Map:


Per today’s 0600 209:

70,000 acres @ 5% Containment
40,000 people evacuated to date
15,000 residences threatened

Critical Resource Needs:
Engines Any Type
Type 1 & 2IA Hand Crews
High Volume Pumps to supplement municipal water system
Water Tenders

2,303 Resources Assigned
ICP @ Sliver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico


Weather conditions and locations

Jarbo Gap winds have been cranking since ignition yesterday, currently at NNE aligned with down canyon, 28 gusts to 46. RH 19%

NW side of fire on Cohasset Ridge, NNE 2 Gust 5

North above Magalia is a portable RAWS near Lake Philbrook, midslope across canyon from Inskip. NNE aligned winds, 4 gusts to 6, but was higher overnight.

PGE has a high resolution (10min update) RAWS at Forest Ranch.


AA 210 assuming Camp AA, over the fire, smoked in, limited aircraft work…


Camp, Vegetation Fire, Butte County, Update
Pulga Road X Camp Creek Road, Jarbo Gap
State/Federal/ Local DPA, SRA/FRA/LRA, Butte Unit
• 70,000 acres brush and timber, 5% contained
• Northeast winds and low RH continue to affect fire behavior with long range
• Evacuation orders established for Paradise, Magalia, Concow, Butte Creek Canyon
and Butte Valley, portions of the City of Chico, Stirling City and Inskip
• Estimated 40,000 civilians evacuated
• Continued structure threat for multiple areas
• Estimated 2000 structures lost
• Multiple road closures include; Hwy 70 between Pentz Rd to Plumas County line,
Skyway, Hwy 99 from 149/99 junction to 9th St. Hwy 191 and Pentz Road
• Neal Road Landfill and Union Pacific Railroad are threatened
• Threat to the PG&E Pulga and Cresta Power Houses, numerous 230, 115 Kv
powerlines and multiple communication towers
• Numerous Government facilities threatened
• Ongoing threat to Saw Mill Peak and Flea mountain lookouts
• Paradise and Magalia municipal water supply threatened
• Damage assessment will start today
• Red Flag warning still in effect for strong winds and low RH
• State of Emergency Proclamation for Butte County has been declared
• FMAG has been approved


Per AA
Fire has crossed North Fork Feather River (around Div A/Y) and making topographical runs on the other side.

Fire has reached Paradise Lake

Fire is backing in Branch 1 into lower Concow.

Entire side of Hwy 32 area is socked in, no visibility for fixed wing or intel.


Gusted to 72 at 8:13 am this morning. Yikes. Also warmed up to 83 degrees, sounds like a Fohn wind to me. Here’s my favorite NOAA site.


AA just ordered 4 LAT’s, 2 VLAT’s, and a lead plane. Didn’t catch what part of the fire they were planning on using them on.


All evacuation orders within the City of Chico will be lifted at 11am.


Two S2’s are getting drops in at Magalia. They advised Chico will only support two S2’s at the moment. Not sure if that’s due to visibility or complexity at the air base. Grass Valley, MCC, and Redding will be alternate loading.

Branch 6 will be unstaffed today - not enough resources to safely make any effort or entry into that area, everything between Magalia/West Fork Feather River and Hwy 70/North Fork Feather River, north of Concow. Tankers will be working this Branch, from Paradise Lake back to Hwy 70.


0951 - Additional LAT requested, 3rd VLAT not available.

0943 - AA ordered an additional VLAT, bringing total to 3.


Third VLAT unavailable.


SuperTanker on scene of Camp Fire - T-944.