Five fatalities confirmed by Butte County SO.


VLAT 912 on scene.


VLAT 912 as well as 944, LAT 105 on scene, AA C2 handing off to AA B5. Sounds like they are making a line preparing for a burn operation happening later.


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Afternoon MODIS

Looks like north and south flanks have most of additional acreage for afternoon.


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Local media reporting that fatalities are now confirmed at 10.

It sounded like those additional 5 were in a different area than the original 5 reported earlier today. One of the addtional five was found in bed, the other 4 were vehicles. No details were given other than that on the media. There’s a public info supposed to occur at 1800 tonight.


6,713 structures destroyed so far.

Edit: This information was provided by the unified press conference at 1800hrs by Cal Fire. Obviously, this is not a final tally. There are areas they have not even been able to get to yet in addition to ongoing fire activity.

In addition, local KHSL news reports same as seen here:
Camp Fire is 90,000 acres and is 5 percent contained.

6,453 residential structures are destroyed.

260 commercial structures are destroyed. There is a total of 6,713 structures destroyed.

There have been nine confirmed fatalities in the Camp Fire.


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Per 1800hrs 209 Today:

90,000 acres @ 5% contained

Single Residences Destroyed: 6,453
Commercial Property Destroyed: 260

Critical Resource Needs:
8 - A Strike Teams
8 - C Strike Teams
10 - G Strike Treams
12 - WT
3 - OPBD
11 - DIVS

Total Resources Assigned - 3,223


Video of the fire yesterday morning near Pentz Rd outside of Paradise.


Per morning briefing:

100K acres 20 % contained


0900 update: Quite the fight yesterday on the lower side with rescue and structure protection in Yankee Hill and Big Bend area, as well as the east and south sides of Magalia. The fight this morning for aircraft will be enforcing the heel of the fire around Poe powerhouse and getting it prepped to handle tomorrow’s return of the north winds. That entire area will be stressed hard with tomorrow’s winds. Air Attack requested PGE to shutdown the larger transmission lines but they are still live, which means they can’t drop across the lines. This area has lines everywhere due to the Hydro power infrastructure all up the canyon. Air Attack wants pressure on PGE to shut that down or their work will be compromised by gaps in the line under the power lines.

Chico Air Attack in IFR conditions unable to fly. Redding ran out of retardant last night but sounds like they have some this morning. Expect more pressure on MCC for reloads as Redding got hit hard yesterday with no flights out of Chico. Copters won’t be able to get up for a good 3 hours due to visibility.

IR map taken at 7pm Friday night. MODIS/VIIRS data as of 0900 Saturday morning.

IR intense heat on perimeter, scattered heat interior

IR focused on the northern area around Centerville in the canyon and Magalia/Paradise Pines

IR focused on the southeastern end just south of the heel. Lots of rescue and structure protection in this area yesterday. Winds out of Jarbo Gap yesterday at 8am was 72mph gust out of the canyon.

IR Interpreter’s notes from last night accompanying the IR data:
I received an updated fire perimeter to begin my interruption this evening. Significantly less intense heat is present within the heat perimeter this evening. The intense heat remains predominately around the outer edge of the heat perimeter except along the southwestern edge where very little heat is present. There are three heat sources outside of the main perimeter to the south of Durham Pentz Road and west of Hwy 191, however this area should likely be included in the heat perimeter but due to the grass fuel type no clear lines could be drawn. Intense heat is present along Hwy 70, where it has crossed the river. Intense heat is present at the base of Big Bend Mountain. Along the northern edge the fire has crossed Dogwood Creek near Hwy 70, is moving into the Fall Creek Drainage, and has reached the southern shore of Paradise Lake. With a significant spot across Little Butte Creek just below Paradise Lake. Intense heat is present along Nimshew Ridge and Doe Mill Ridge, with the heat perimeter boarding Hwy 32 near Upper Bidwell Park. One additional small pocket of intense heat exists just south of Humboldt Road near Little Chico Creek on Stilson Canyon Road. Scattered heat remains with the majority of the heat perimeter with the exception of the grasslands down along Hwy 99.


AA has requests in for 4 LATs and 2 VLATs.


Saturday 11/10 0600hr 209 report:

100,000 Acres @ 20% Containment
Residences Destroyed 6,453
Commercial Property Destroyed 260
52,000 persons evacuated to date
1,835 persons in temporary shelters

Critical Resource Needs:
8 - Alpha Strike Teams
8 - Charlie Strike Teams
10 - Golf Strike Teams
12- WT
3 - OPBD
11- DIVS

3,223 Personnel Assigned


Division Kilo requesting IR capable aircraft, unable to fill.
Update: Lakota inbound to fill, ETA ~13:15.


BCSO has just declared an evac order for the Oro-Quincy Hwy corridor above Lake Oroville up to Mountain House, including Berry Creek and Brush Creek. Sounds like they are trying to get people out now before tomorrows expected winds. It will be the next community in the path to the SE, and 2lane Oro-Quincy “hwy” is the only way in and out.

Around 1045 there was a spot over the line in Div K, hwy 32 near Santos Ranch. Haven’t had a chance to keep up with how that is going, lots of requests were put in for crews and engines and hoping for aircraft but it was zero vis for aircraft - just the IFR-rated Lakota Natl Guard copter. At one point it was heard they were expecting to fire that whole area out but the spot fire threw a wrench in that plan.


1400: AA210 going to Grass Valley with a minor malfunction, 20+ copters grounded at Oroville Helibase all day due to smoke. Copter 512 made it into the North Fork canyon out of Quincy but got smoked out and is returning. Other rotor from the south and east getting smoked out and returning. An S-64 based in Red Bluff returning on a fuel cycle. At this point no aircraft over the fire until relief AA gets up. (Charlie 2 and AA230 up out of Grass Valley will be over the fire 1435ish)

edit: lt also sounds like water pressure is getting restored on the north side of Paradise down to Wagstaff.


AA evening updates to two branches before departing for night:

Branch 6 backing fire slow rate of spread, retardant from Flea Mtn to Stirling City holding,

Branch 3 lower part downhill from slopover near Santos Ranch Rd east of Hwy32 looks good. Had a copter working for a few hours but no ground resources to back the copter up so no clean line. Going to be a lot of work still. Upper piece of Div K with dozer line - that went good up in there. His prediction where the spot is, if conditions are right and no help, it’ll hit Hwy 32 by morning below the spot, above Humboldt rd.


If it runs to Highway 32 from Santos, there is black from the Stony Fire we had in Bidwell Park in July along much of the area above Humboldt Rd.