New start along HWY 70 and Camp Creek Rd. 10 acres, critical rate of spread. potential for major incident. 30+ MPH winds.
Power lines down, difficult access.

BTU CAMP-team?

Jarbo Gap RAWS has NNE 14G28, RH 21%

TGU immediate need crew, engine and dozer strike teams out at 0720


Any word on IMT getting spun up for this?


Cal Fire IMT 4


Thank you, appreciate the info


Anyone have the Broadcastify link for command?


Orders starting to filter into the XSA…looks like TI ST is making its way though the system


WTS110 – is this the one you want?


I know this is not a move up/cover but I feel it should stay off the main fire thread, anyway :

4105A immediate need Nevada County LG to Camp fire.

Move up and Cover Thread 2018

It sounds like the fire is just moving unchecked through town due to the gridlock and spot fires. Can anyone confirm this?


Correct. Unchecked, fire resources in gridlock. Protection of public safety personnel, and evacuation flow are only priorities.


Containment objective were given about 15 minutes ago, but obviously perimeter control is trumped by life saftey/ evacuations.


Perfect! Thank you!


‘moving through town’ meaning which town?


The town of Paradise.


Has a staging location been established???

#17 they have the fire live now with helicopter on scene. Be safe out there going to be a long weekend.


The satellite view shows the smoke moving Southwest, but the accounts of the fire spotting into honeyrun make it sound likes its moving North. Do we have any Intel on current perimeter or direction of spread? (I know its obsolete as soon as its posted but something would be nice)


Butte College is the current staging location.


Aside from boots on the ground Intel, I think this is the best to extrapolate perimeter and spread since ignition.

[](http://Fire color satellite)