It’s basically marching through Paradise east to west. Various fingers of fire throughout the town, not really a flame front. One on the south end of town that impacted hospital earlier today. Middle is impacting Pearson Road area. Another one north impacting Bille at Skyway now. 1145. Calfire and LE grabbing people out of cars on Skyway and sheltering them in Walgreens at 1145am. A lot of fire impacted skyway between wagstaff at clark about an hour or so ago.

I’m focused on family in gridlock at moment so not aware of bigger picture, but it’s making it’s way into the Honeyrun and Butte Creek Canyon areas. Spot fires. Conditions still unflyable for fixed wing.


KCRA News Chopper out of Sac is showing the live feed not KRCR out of Redding


ST 4159A from the XSA is formed up and leaving soon…


Perfect, thanks norcalscan


Spot Weather Forecast:
Strong and dry northeast winds will blow over the fire area until
sunset with a slight decrease in speed during the early evening. However,
strong northeast winds are forecast to develop once again later in the
evening and after midnight. The strongest winds are expected through
west to east oriented canyons and valleys, and over exposed ridge tops.
Decreasing wind is forecast on Friday with possible shift to light
upslope or westerly direction. Another round of strong and dry northeast
winds are possible again Saturday night and into Sunday.


Sky/weather…Sunny, with areas of smoke.
Max temperature…67-72.
Min humidity…9-14 percent.
Wind (20 ft)…
Slope/valley…Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts to around
26 mph.
Ridgetop…Northeast 30 to 45 mph decreasing to 25 to 35 mph
after 1400.
Mixing height…2000-2500 ft AGL.
Transport winds…Northeast 20 to 25 mph.
CWR…0 percent.


Min temperature…43-50.
Max humidity…30-35 percent.
Wind (20 ft)…
Slope/valley…Northeast winds 13 to 19 mph.
Ridgetop…Northeast 20 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph
decreasing to 30 mph after midnight.
Mixing height…Lowering to 100-200 ft AGL well after midnight.
Transport winds…Northeast 21 to 25 mph.
CWR…0 percent.


Max temperature…65-71.
Min humidity…10-15 percent.
Wind (20 ft)…
Slope/valley…Northeast winds 9 to 15 mph becoming upslope or
northwest up to 6 mph in the afternoon.
Ridgetop…Northeast 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph decreasing
to 6 to 12 mph in the afternoon.
Mixing height…Rising to 1500-2000 ft AGL in the afternoon.
Transport winds…Northeast 13 to 20 mph in the morning decreasing to
5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.
CWR…0 percent.


Strike Team 9110C just leaving MEU my guess enroute to CampFire


XSN 2396C enroute from Sonoma County


2nd ST from the XSA is forming up…4160A


2331A from Santa Cruz County enroute


T912 off MCC heading towards the Camp.



XSA 4159A
SAC 4160A
OES 4815A
OES 4818C

…have been assigned and are either enroute or on station at this time


XSM 2275 and 2276 being dispatched.


Anybody have info on comms?


Hey guys, im a FF in the Portland OR area, from Cali, have family in northern Chico. Looking for ROS or any other fire activity info. Were doss this thing sound like its going? Anything backing towards chico? Thank you for any info


As of now there are no evacuations for the City of Chico.
Here is a link to a live spread sheet which people and updating live.
Fire is said to be heading to southern chico area.


TF 2026 Enroute from Contra Costa County


Santa Clara County Alpha deployed at 1300 hours


Palo Alto E65, Mountain View E152, San Jose E216, Santa Clara City E90, Sunnyvale E44
Mountain View B51 is STL


Been working of and on by the radio today. Heard talk of a dozer or FEL to push cars off some road. Did this ever materialize?


Heard a BC doing it with his pickup